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works by strangemadchen

all that matters ♡
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about: missb

I created this blog to post my "works" that are made in photoshop when I'm bored. I do not spend all day doing edits because of the school and an extracurricular course, besides other activities. Here I'll post icons (in particular), gifs, videos, textures , fonts and some resources that can help you in something, and I'll let the credits where caught, and if pick up something here, I ask you to do the same, or at least comment, it is essential for me. You will find various editions of famous, I really like a lot at the same time, so sorry if you gets a bit lost on what have here. I don't quite know what to say, but well ... Enjoy it!

2min, architecture, baekyeol, bill kaulitz, blanket, books, cameron monaghan, cell, china, choi minki, cold, combinations, comedy movies, comics, countries, documentaries, elves, emilie autumn, emmy rossum, exo, ezra miller, fairytales, fan service, fanfics, fashion, fast food, francisco lachowski, french food, gallavich, gerard butler, godfrey gao, graphics, hairstyles, hannibal, haruma miura, horror movies, huang zitao, hunhan, hush hush saga, icons, ishihara takamasa, italia, italian food, j r r tolkien, jamie campbell bower, japan, japanese food, jdrama, jisook, joomi, jung eunji, kaulitzcest, kazunari ninomiya, kdrama, kim jaejoong, kim jaewook, kim jongin, kim joonmyun, kim jungah, kim taeyeon, kodomo, koji seto, kristen stewart, larry, lee jieun, lee taemin, legends, lotr, luhan, makeup, malec, manga, matsumoto jun, matsumoto takanori, mizuhara kiko, moon jongup, movies, music, musicals, myungjong, nagron, nails, naomily, networks, nishikido ryo, noel fisher, oh sehun, one direction, panic! at the disco, park shin hye, photography, playing, psychopaths, reituki, resources, robert downey jr, robert pattinson, robsten, running, seasons, series, shameless us, shenny, shinee, shiroyama yuu, shopping, shoujo, sky, sleeping, smiles, snow, south korea, sunyeon, suzuki akira, sweets, taengsic, takashima kouyou, talking, taoris, tekken, the gazette, the hobbit, the sims, tmi, tokio hotel, tom kaulitz, typing, ueto aya, wolves, wu yifan, yamashita tomohisa, yaoi, yunjae, yutaka uke, zayn malik, ziam